"Fiberlene filters are working really great. Fit perfectly and easy to clean. "

Grant Peterson
FEDEX Shipping Services

"We use air filters to filter air intakes for controllers on industrial robots. At certain intervals, the heat sinks have to be completely dissasembled and cleaned, which is a major downtime and expense. Fiberlene has cut that frequency by more than half of what it was with disposables."

"Dust and contamination in our electrical control centers and blower rooms can be extremely dangerous and expensive. Cleaning in one area alone is a $6,000 expense plus total plant shutdown during the process. Standard disposables lasted only a few days and on some occasions were being sucked into the fans. The Fiberlene permanent filter not only allows better airflow but lowers amp load on the blowers, while filtering more dust out of the air. They are easy to clean. We rinse with cold water the opposite of the air flow and the flour dust runs right off. Cargill's vast industrial complex has many locations where these filters are in use."

David Merkle
Cargill Flour Milling Division

"We are very pleased with the performance of the Fiberlene filter. We clean the filters on a weekly basis and they continue to look brand new and work well. I have no qualms about recommending your products to anyone in our industry."

Glen Johnson
Cargill Salt Division

"We've used Fiberlene filters for nearly 23 years and they work as well today as when new. They are particularly helpful during enormous pollen loading since they remove substantially more material from the building environment than the old pleated throw away filters. We clean them more often during those times, but it's a very small effort for better indoor air quality."

Peter K. Stern
Quality Maintenance and Air Audit Services
Compressed Air Management

"As manufacturer and supplier of high quality treatment equipment for municipal and industrial drinking, process and waste water industry such as airstrippers, scrubbers and decarbonators we have over 15 years included Fiberlene Permanent Air Filters in our design.

We have nothing but great appreciation, with respect to the product quality and reliability, for the Fiberelene always has met our high expectations.

Throughout the years of Fiberlene Permanent Air Filters have shown us their efficiency, a high dust loading and an extremely low maintainence level at a very economical cost level.

I would highly recommend their product and service to any company."

Delta Pressure Inc.

"Our contractor offered a different type of filter but we told them nothing worked like Fiberlene and wouldn't consider anything else."

Marshall BioResources
North Rose, NY

Attention: Jim Goode
Subject: Fiberlene Filter Applications

Dear Jim,

"We have been very successful in selling and utilizing the Fiberlene industrial filter in the wastewater and sewage treatment Industry in the Syracuse, New York Area.
We have installed some 15 or 16 projects here in Syracuse at the Onondaga county wastewater treatment facilities using Fiberlene to clean up the outside air vents on louvers and intake filtration for the makeup air units for these plants. The filter holds up very well to hydrogen Sulfide gas that is in the air around these plants.
The typical life of the filter has been up to 8 years so far without any failures. They wash the filter every 6 months.
The filters are being test run as we speak at the Tessy Plastics plant in Elbridge, New York west of Syracuse to replace existing 30% pleated filters. The plant makes injected molding parts and is noted for their clean and high technology factory. They see the filter as helping them become more green and reduce their waste products from the plant.
The Fiberlene filters would replace 160 pleated filters to reduce their costs.
I have used the Filberlene filter for many diverse applications over the last 17 years and with continued great results."

William R. Shultes

"Welding fumes and oil mist were a severe problem before we installed Fiberlene and used them as directed. They give us much cleaner air and are easier to maintain with soap and water."

David Dyer
Manager, Specialty Machine Supply

"After installing Fiberlene filters at the U.S.D.A. Agriculture Research Center, we have noticeable improvement in filtration of dust and other airborne contaminates without any decrease in air flow nor increase in pressure drop across these filters. We have further found that Fiberlene filters remove all of the airborne contaminants. The loading ability has not allowed our sensitive differential pressure switches to trip into an alarm condition."

Jeff Lutz, James Waters
J.A. Jones Management Services

" Linde, LLC, is one of the leading gasses and engineering companies in the World, offering a wide range of compressed and liquefied gases and chemicals and is the partner of choice across a huge variety of industries. Linde has sucessfully used Fiberlene filters since 2007."

Linde, LLC
Baton Rouge, LA

Hudson Valley Fish Farms


Unusual Applications:
Would Fiberlene filters be appropriate in a water treatment plant application with several chemicals involved, such as CLO2, H2S, small amounts of turpentine and maybe a trace of methanol?

"Yes, the Fiberlene filter works well in waste water and sewage treatment facilities and the chemicals will not harm it. It will not filter the Gas phase contaminants, but it does filter the larger size micron particles that hold the elements in the air within these types of facilities. It works extremely well in the extremely high moisture conditions. Using Fiberlene pre-filtration applications will also enhance the final filters."