What We Do

The Fiberlene filter was invented to solve a severe filtration problem in what may be considered the harshest air filter environment on earth... a Cargill Salt Mine. As most do, Cargill engineers recognized that permanent air filters work better than disposables. The problem was that none could be found that could be easily cleaned and hold up in such a corrosive environment.
All elements of a Fiberlene filter will repel water and are anti-corrosive all the way down to the special custom made screws. The unique design permits continuous air flow through stage-loading, which allows them to load substantially more particulate. The filter design was patented, improved, patented again and currently holds patent #8,062,403. One customer at a time, we are transforming the permanent filter industry and the perception that permanent filters are hard to clean.

Our mission

Fiberlene has always been dedicated to establishing long-term relationships with customers who are partners with us and our environment. Our simple mission is to generate substantial savings for our customers, while providing a superior product that completely eliminates the wasteful habit of throwing disposable filters into landfills... and have fun in the process.

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