How It Works

Patented Fiberlene Air Filtration

Fiberlene Filters rely on multiple layers of filtration media which clean the air as it passes through the filter. The dust particles are charged by the friction created between the forced air and woven polypropylene media (manufactured with inheritant electrostatic properties).

As airborne particles pass through the media, they are poitively charged and quickly attach themselves to the next several layers similiarly to static building up on your socks as you walk across carpet or when iron fillings stick to a magnet. This actions helps filter out the contaminants and clean the air before being recirculated back into the building.

What kind of savings to expect?

With some basic information about your current disposable program, we can precisely estimate your savings before we do anything.

Lifetime Guarantee

Fiberlene's superior quality, design & craftsmanship have garnered us an exemplary reputation and loyal customer following for a product that truly lasts a lifetime. Fiberlene will repair or replace any defective product – whether it was purchased in 1989 or yesterday.