Airflow Measurement for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality

Attn: Mr. Jim Goode, CEO

Dear Jim:
"As a 20-year member of ASHRAE and a voting member of standards committee SSPC 62.1, the US Green Building Council and an associate member of the International Code Council; I am very much aware of the importance of both dilution ventilation and contaminant control for the maintenance of acceptable indoor air quality.
I am pleased to say that I have first-hand experience with the effectiveness of Fiberlene filters,having used them the past 10 years. The nature of the passive electrostatic charge of the filter materials helps arrest airborne particulates while allowing return air to pass without excessive pressure losses and associated fan energy costs.
What I love most about the filters is their wash-ability. Thanks again. The product works great."

Len Damiano
Vice President Marketing & International Sales

"A Word To The Wise:
As past president of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), I was introduced to a lot of new products in our industry, especially those on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). One of the products we personally use and sell is the Fiberlene Filter, which excels in the most difficult applications. The patented filters have been the most effective electrostatic filter we'we have seen and we even use it to catch carbon black materials."

Jim R. Nichols
President, Bay Temperature Control, Inc.

"As manufacturer and supplier of high quality treatment equipment for municipal and industrial drinking, process and waste water industry such as airstrippers, scrubbers and decarbonators we have over 15 years included Fiberlene Permanent Air Filters in our design.

We have nothing but great appreciation, with respect to the product quality and reliability, for the Fiberelene always has met our high expectations.

Throughout the years of Fiberlene Permanent Air Filters have shown us their efficiency, a high dust loading and an extremely low maintainence level at a very economical cost level.

I would highly recommend their product and service to any company."

Delta Pressure Inc.

Dear Mr. Jim Goode,
To whom it may concern

"We, Pil Air Eng. Ltd. are involved in the environmental control business since 1989.

From 1994, we have been promoting & applying Fiberlene's electro-static filter in our various projects in Hong Kong & PR China. It goes across, but is not limited to, food factories, semi-conductor industry, Liquid Crystal Display production, government office buildings, pharmaceutical manufacturing, hotel guest rooms and restaurants, etc. We assure, as well as our customers, that the Fiberlene electro-static filter is the most efficient, price competitive, simple maintenance & environmental friendly air filtration product.

In the future, we will continue to co-operate with Fiberlene & highly recommend its product to our customers."

Pil Air Eng. Ltd.
Mr. Simon Wong Tze Siu (The President)