Proud to have installed Fiberlene in thousands of McD across the country

Hi Jim,

"Fiberlene Filters is a World class company providing relevant solutions for McDonald’s Owner Operators and their organizations. I have been a customer of Fiberlene for the last 20 years and I recommend their products and services to any Owner Operator looking to improve efficiency in their organization. In today’s world where so many things are disposable, Fiberlene provide a permanent solution! It’s rare to find a company who stands behind their products with a lifetime warranty. Their permanent filters replace the costly disposable filters that we had used before. This solution saves my organization time, labor costs, filter costs and disposal costs. We no longer have to purchase disposable filters and worry that they are not being changed at the appropriate times. Our maintenance teams love the easy cleaning process and are thrilled they do not have to carry bulky filters up the ladder to the roof.

Discovering and sharing best practices has been a passion of mine for several years. I had the privilege of leading the MOOLA initiative throughout the U.S. system. MOOLA “ The McDonald’s Owner Operator Leadership Academy” was started as an outlet for Owner Operators to share their best practices and learn from their peers. Jim and the team at Fiberlene supported our initiative from the beginning. Fiberlene sponsored dozens of MOOLA events across the country, a true testament to their commitment to the Owner Operator Community. .

Fiberlene is a great partner for McDonald’s Owner Operators and their products provide the best solution in the industry. "

Chris Habiger
McDonald’s Owner Operator

"I want you know how good your product works, we've had them now for three years have had no issues with the filters and the stores are much cleaner. It has cut down on our maintenance time to take care of the HVAC units. As you know we just purchased eight more filters for two new HVAC units they've been in now a couple of months and the units inside still look like they're brand-new. It has been a pleasure working with Fiberlene. The filters are doing what they said they would do and maintenance really likes them.

I would highly recommend these to any of my fellow owner operators as they do the job you said they would. Thanks so much and we look forward to continuing doing business with you and your company."

All the McBest,

Bob Luther
McDonald's O/O
Ft. Collins, Co.

"The product has been great. I love the durability. "

Chris Giarla
Christian Foods, McDonald's Owner/Operator
St. Peters, MO

Hi Jim,

"I have been a very satisfied Fiberlene customer for 23 years. The filters are super easy to clean and have saved us a great deal of money. I'm still using the same Fiberlene filters from 1994. I am now getting filters for another McDonald's location so they too can enjoy the same quality product! "

Jim Santanen
Director of Operations
Shalhoub Mgmt Co, Inc. (Formerly GT Tucker)

"Thank you so much for bringing Fiberlene Filters into our lives! We are saving money by not having to buy disposable filters, which were costing us an average of $112 to $224 a month per restaurant! Your Fiberlene filters can be described with one word...SYSTEM.  "S"ave   "Y"ourself   "S"ome   "T"ime   "E"nergy   "M"oney

Having Fiberlene in our organization has put money back in our bottom line:
-Saved money on paying for disposable filters
-Saved mileage and time reimbursement to our maintenance team from having to go buy filters
-Saved us from possible worker's comp issues with the travel to get the filters
-Saved more time by having easy-to-clean Fiberlene filters
-No more disposable trash in our trash bins or in our land fills

Thank you so much! McDonald's is all about systems, and your Fiberlene filters are a perfect fit with us!"

Marissa Cormier
Area Supervisor
Jamie Straza, Imajine LLC
San Diego, California

"Fiberlene Filters make a lot of sense both financially and operationally for our stores. Fiberlene cut the cost of my A/C filter program by 90%+ annually. With today’s lower margins we need every cost saving to help drive profits. That's just the hard dollar savings. Operationally, Fiberlene Filters eliminates the time spent ordering filters, handling filters (and the room they take-up in the backroom) and worrying about replacing steel frames or running out of media. Fiberlene needs less maintenance, so that means less trips to the roof for team members, which means less opportunity for the accidents associated with climbing on the roof. There is no more working with the metal frames and cutting media to size. Every filter is custom fit for less gaps and blow-by, which means less coil cleaning. It's easier to wash than to change disposables and we always have the exact size needed so we are never short filters."

Neel Chapatwala
Jenesis, Inc.

Brownstown, Michigan

"Just wanted to let you know I've had this filter system in my North Reserve store for over two years. My managers and supervisor team have let me know it has saved us labor and product cost. Normally, in the original filters, we have to change out every two weeks. With these new filters someone just has to spray it out every two months. We also have had less of safety issue since maintenance doesn't have to go on the roof so often. Now, have in all my stores. If you are interested in saving money for your organization, contact Fiberlene."

Thanks Kyong Kapalczynski
Missoula/ Ravalli MT McDonald's

"John, Thank you for putting together our order. The filters have been fantastic and very easy to clean! "

Matthew Ball, Supervisor, Alpha Management
North Baltimore, Ohio

"We just did a filter cleaning with our maintenance man. The filters were covered with pollen but did their job with no visible pollen inside the HVAC unit. The cleaning and reinstall was very easy!!! Please add the last 3 stores for conversion."

Mike Abbonizio
DMD Restaurants, LLC
Warrington, PA

"We purchased Fiberlene filters a year ago for five of the stores and recently purchased them for the remaining two stores after remodel and are very happy with the filters. They are very simple to clean and maintain so our maintenance people love them. We also find them very cost effective, considering the price of disposable filters. We are very satisfied with the construction, fit and performance of the filters. We highly recommend them."

Audrey Wood
Director of Operations

David Weinbaum McDonald's
Rolla, Missouri

"Fiberlene Filters are outstanding! They work great and maintenance people find them very easy to clean. Spray with degreaser and then wash them out. It's that simple. The best part is saving money and our figures show the filters save us time and money. No more messing around with filter media and incurring that monthly cost and these filters will be in our HVAC units for their lifetime.The term "This is a no brainer" is often overused, but an investment in Fiberlene Filters clearly meets that definition.I highly recommend Fiberlene Filters to anyone who wants a great, easy to use product to increase long-term profits!

Thanks for making us aware of and inventing this exceptional product."

It's all about Results, Results, Results
Rick Posey, Director of Operations
McDonald's Restaurants
Dallas, Texas

"We purchased Fiberlene Filters for six of our stores and again recently for a newly completed store. We are very happy with these filters. They are simple to clean and the maintenance people find it easier to work with them. Our filters paid for themselves and are now generating $7,900 in annual savings. These are better filters for A/C units, easier for our people to maintain and cost less than what we were doing. We highly recommend them."

Valerie Johnson
VJ's Food Service/VMC Enterprises
Spring Lake Minnesota

"Fiberlene Filters are in all of our stores. It's a superior filter with a much lower cost than disposables. They're durable, easy to clean and require less maintenance."

Mickey Phalen
Madri, Inc dba McDonald's
Roswell, GA

"I'm writing to you in regards to Fiberlene Permanent Filters, which we have purchased for years at 20 locations. They give us a better air-filtering capability, which means cleaner air for the employees and customers in our restaurants. Fiberlene is the only company, to my knowledge, that combines sizes and makes customized filters. The custom fit eliminates the metal frames we used to stuff with disposable filter media twice a month. Custom fitting increases airflow, which means better unit performance, extended unit life and a utility savings.

It cuts down on cleaning time. Instead of changing 15 to 20 filters in our restaurants every two weeks,we only have to clean six or eight Fiberlene Permanent Filters once a month with soap and water.

They pay for themselves in 1 to 2 years in disposable filter costs alone. Not only do they stop us from throwing our filter money into landfills, they have a big environmental impact. We would like to see all McDonald's restaurants use Fiberlene Permanent Filters. We recommend Fiberlene Permanent Filters for anyone to use in any application."

McDonald's of Acadiana
Ken Kastner

"We often hear about 'money saving' items but this one has really paid-off for our stores.
My maintenance people love them. Maintenance Supervisor says, 'If I owned a store, this would be one of the first things I'd install'. We clean filters half as often as we changed disposables and it's easy to do. - Saves a lot of labor.
Much more durable and easier to use then the metal frames - Glad to see the frames go away. Easiest summer we've had with filters - No units freezing - impressive considering the high temps this year.
Another good thing about Fiberlene is the ability to delay cleaning. In the winter we clean them just before the first snow fall and can wait until late Feb, for better weather if necessary, to clean again. With disposables we had to be on the roof every two weeks no matter what."

David Essig
Essig Management Co. - McDonald's

"Fiberlene filters have been a great investment for our organization - lower cost and easy to clean.

After several years of use, they still work like new. They have become a standard piece of equipment in our restaurants."

Muller Management LLC
Atlanta, Georgia

"Fiberlene is saving me money every month. My only regret is that I waited so long to convert my stores."

Conny Kramer
President, W.O.N.
Salt Lake City, Utah

"I am a McDonald's Area Technician. We replaced our disposable A/C air filters with Fiberlene Filters and the efficiency and air quality after continuous use is truly amazing. The ease of cleaning back to new condition, after being covered in dirt and grease, is unbelievable. We recommend these filters to anyone. "

Lance Bonner
R.K.T., Inc.

"Saving money in this volatile economy and going green is a good thing that I am excited to be part of. "

Darlene Chung
McDonald's of Kauai, Hawaii

"We have been using Fiberlene since September, 2013. I resisted the purchase until I heard from other operators in the K.C area using these filters. Now, I would recommend the Fiberlene filters to any operator. "

Michael Dobski
Dobski & Associates
Kansas City, KS

"I was spending about $125 per month per store on paper filters. It's easy for in-house maintenance to spray these off and eliminate that expense."

James Patridge
Cravco III, LLC

"Just wanted to let you know that we are extremely happy with our filters here at Kramer Organization McDonalds. They're very simple to use and maintain. They have eliminated our worry of ordering and always making sure we have the proper size filters on hand. They do a great job and best of all, they save money. So much so, that it leads me to ask a question of you. Do you make 1 inch thick residential filters? If so, I would like to order one for my home."

Shane Binkley
Facilities and Maintinance
Kramer Organization McDonald's

"I am so happy with the filters and I will continue to be an advocate!"

Maryann Paciullo
MX4, Inc. McDonald's

"Thanks so much for jumping in and helping with our WON meeting. I truly do believe in your product!"

Sue Martin
Smartin Enterprises, LLC

Dear Jim,
"To those of you who are contemplating the installation of Fiberlene filters in your HVAC units, I have been a Fiberlene customer since 2016 and I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to have this product on my roof. The maintenance team thanks me each month as they run through their list of duties and realize they are no longer changing filters each month.

My restaurants are located in the low desert where winds, fires and other weather anomalies continuously ravage my restaurants. Having the Fiberlene filters working their magic 24/7 on my rooftops is a welcome relief for both my maintenance staff and my pocket book. Thank you Jim for your fantastic product, service, ongoing communication and commitment to be the best!"


Jay Schutz
Owner Operator
McDonald’s Restaurants of Santa Clarita CA

" Saving $9,480 per year for all restaurants combined - easy savings! I'm sure glad we're using Fiberlene!"

Sayed Hasan
Anderabi Management, Inc.
Fredrick, MD 21701