Utility Savings

Less air restriction and regular maintenance results in utility savings! The U.S. Post Office, factories, schools, McDonalds and other Fortune 500 customers confirm Fiberlene filters pay for themselves in 24 months by utility savings alone. Siemens, the World's performance contracting leader, recommends our program as enhancing their energy management contracts.

IAQ & Bio-Terror Threats

UV lighting, ozone, biocides and constant filtration with Fiberlene permanent filters are emerging technologies to combat bio-terrorism and other IAQ problems. Biocide sprays enhance the performance of Fiberlene filters and increase retention time to kill bacteria.

Fits all applications

Ninety five per cent of all filter applications address IAQ concerns with low to upper mid-range filters. Fiberlene filter's record low air restriction, high loading capacity and constant filtration triple the life of very expensive High Efficiency filters as PRE-filters.

Eliminate overhead and hassle

Just by eliminating the buying, stocking, changing, size and waste problems of temporary filters makes our "lease to own" permanent A/C filter program a better choice. The average maintenance department solid paper waste is cut by 50%.

Exclusive financing program

Most applications are light duty compared to the Louisiana Cargill salt mine for which Fiberlene filters were invented. No other filter can be financed for 60 months while providing a LIFETIME replacement or repair warranty in the harshest applications on earth.Plus, no other filter is custom made for all units at no extra charge.Solving this one time size problem reduces unit strain, improves unit performance, extends unit life and slashes cleaning time!

Federal Tax Advantage

Money previously spent on A/C filters can now be added to the bottom line as a qualified energy savings device. The cost is fully tax deductible under IRS rule 179 and bonus depreciation rules.