"In 1998, Abbeville High School switched
from changing out disposable filter pads every month to cleaning Fiberlene permanent a/c filters. It took about 60 of your custom built 20x60x2 filters to replace about 140 disposable filter pads and the old metal frames we were stuffing the disposable filter pads in.

Before Fiberlene permanent filters, it took two days for me and two helpers to get the filters, shut down and open the units, pull out the dirty filters, refill the metal frames with new filters and throw the dirty filters in the dumpster. With the Fiberlene filters, it takes one janitor and helper, 4 hours with a heavy duty backpack vacuum cleaner to vacuum all of them in place every month. Once in the summer, it takes a janitor and a helper one day to pull Fiberlene filters out to vacuum and wash them with soap and water and put them back in.

I know that cleaning them is easier, faster and makes more sense than changing filters and throwing money in the garbage dump."

Neil Suire
Head Janitor